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Why Work With Applied Asset Management?

About Us

We measure our success by the strength of our relationships with clients and the high standard of care that we maintain for all. Our philosophy is centered around always doing what is right for our clients, knowing that our success will come from satisfied clients and the referrals we receive as a result of our standard of care.

Our Approach

We believe in wholistic planning, meaning when making financial recommendations we must always look at the entire household financial picture before rendering an opinion on what is best for our clients. By including investments, debt management, risk management, estate planning and insurance we are able to guide our clients to accomplish both their short and long-term financial goals

Our Process

We believe the relationship is just as important as the advice. When we begin a consultation, we learn about our clients, what motivates them, inspires them and what their goals are. We then compile a balance sheet of assets, liabilities and insurance coverages through our online portal which incorporates financial planning software. We also analyze a client’s risk tolerance through our Riskalyze system that quantifies a clients desired investment risk. We take all this information and propose a plan to our clients on how to best accomplish their goals, implement said plan and create an ongoing schedule to review the plan.

Need Advice on which Medicare policy to purchase?

Our Services

Medicare Planning

Our agents specialize in matching your prescription and medical needs with a plan that will work best for your budget and coverage goals.

Financial Planning

Retirement planning is the most important thing you can do to secure your families finances. We’ll work with you to put a plan in place to accomplish your goals.


Portfolio Management

Ever wonder how much risk your investments really have? We take the guessing out of it and will show you the downside risk and potential upside gain with our Riskalyze system.

Life & Health Insurance

Insurance is important to protecting any plan as undue hardship can strike at any time. We’ll help protect you incase it does.

Lifetime Income

You’ve worked hard to build your retirement nest egg, now it’s time to turn that into lifetime income, we’ll show you how.

Employer Retirement Plans

Offering a retirement plan is a critical employee benefit and we’re experts at establishing and maintaining compliance in your plan offering.

Do you know how your current investments would perform if we entered another recession? If not, we can show you how your portfolio would be impacted

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