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Guidance For Your 401k Plan

At Applied Asset Management, we often find that clients who participate in their employers 401k/403b plan do so without ever seeking guidance on what to invest in. We started offering active management of employer sponsored retirement plans for employees to help those who wanted more guidance on their workplace benefits programs.

With our program, we can manage your 401k plan while you are still employed with your company allowing you to continue to contribute as you currently are.  We simply oversee the investment allocations for you and make changes when appropriate.

Advice On Your Workplace Benefits

Employees of organizations that offer a 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan are typically faced with the challenge of enrolling in their plan with very little financial guidance from a professional. What’s even more concerning is that a majority of a household’s retirement holdings are in these very accounts that have never been properly allocated. This can cause a lot of concern for investors and raise questions such as, “How much risk am I taking with the investments in my retirement plan?” or, “Is my investment strategy properly diversified to meet my financial goals?”

At Applied Asset Management, we specialize in assisting with the asset allocation and investment oversight of 401(k) and 403(b) accounts for employees. We work with employees from many organizations and have extensive experience working with employees of Northeast Ohio’s two largest healthcare organizations, The Cleveland Clinic & University Hospitals.

Through our services, we can:

  • Evaluate a client’s many employee benefit options and ensure they align with their family’s financial needs.
  • Examine how much risk a client is willing to take with their investments and structure an investment portfolio that aligns with their risk tolerance.
  • Monitor the investments in a client’s portfolio and provide them with updated allocation recommendations as market conditions change.
  • Portfolio re-balancing on a quarterly basis.
  • Assist with other financial needs including estate planning, insurance, IRA’s, debt management and more…

A common question we receive from employees are concerning costs of these services. In many cases our compensation is derived from 12(b)1 fees paid to us from the mutual fund companies with which you invest, thus there are no out-of-pocket expenses for receiving this exemplary service.  For company plans that do not allow us access to their platform, there is an annual fee charged.  Please email or call to learn more about this great service!


Small Business Retirement Plans
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Services For Business Owners

Many business owners want to offer their employees a retirement plan but are not sure how to implement one that is competitive and affordable. At Applied Asset Management, our technical knowledge of retirement plans allows us to address plan design issues, perform plan and cost analyses, and present custom strategies designed to fit your personal and business objectives. Covering the full spectrum of retirement plans, we help you determine an appropriate solution for your business, whether that is a 401(k), 403(b), SEP or SIMPLE IRA, defined benefit plan, profit sharing plan, or other option.

To help you feel confident with your plan and minimize the amount of work you have to do, we offer several plan level services. These are designed to reduce your fiduciary liability, optimize company retirement plan contributions to achieve objectives, and evaluate your plan service providers. These services include:

Plan Design

We discuss your business goals for establishing a retirement plan, identifying how much capital you want to divert to the retirement plan and evaluating the potential tax savings. With multiple retirement plans from which to choose (and even more providers of these plans), we help sort through your options and identify the most appropriate plan for your needs.

Fiduciary Support

Liability is a significant concern for many business owners. Plan sponsors often struggle to address the challenges of regulatory and ERISA compliance, manage fiduciary risk, and adequately prepare participants for retirement. Offering 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary liability coverage on most 401(k) plans, we seek to help you keep your plan in compliance with ever-changing regulations.

Plan Benchmarking

It is important you are comfortable with the cost of your plan’s investments. We can conduct independent cost benchmarking and due diligence market analysis that will allow us to leverage a potential cost reduction from your service providers.

Plan Participant Education

We strive to help not only you but also your employees. In offering plan participant education, we aim to increase participation and reduce deferral rates for your retirement plan. Beyond enrollment meetings, we offer educational meetings for employees regarding financial planning, and we can assist them with understanding and contributing to their retirement plan.

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