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At Applied Asset Management, we take great pride in creating customized financial plans that are designed to help you reach your financial aspirations. As part of your initial consultation, we review your current financial situation, discuss your objectives, and offer solutions to help you pursue your goals. Our planning services include:

Financial Planning

Written financial plans are offered to those clients who seek more clarity and a written roadmap for their financial aspirations. In creating a financial plan, we identify our clients’ financial goals, determine their assets and liabilities, and evaluate their current financial position. From there, we run their plan through 10,000 different simulations to generate a probability of success percentage. If this percentage is lower than desired, we make adjustments to various components of the plan to increase the plan’s chances of success.

The cost for this comprehensive plan is $950 and includes a full color copy presented in a hard binder for you.  The plan will be your roadmap for future planning decisions.

Retirement Planning
Typically, clients planning for retirement are less focused on taking risks, and more focused on preserving their wealth and creating a consistent income stream that can last through retirement. With this in mind, we develop conservative strategies with a focus on risk management. We seek to identify opportunities for building a consistent income that will last through retirement and help clients determine when they may be able to retire. The retirement income planning process often includes analyzing income sources, managing assets, determining future expenses, and estate planning.
Estate Planning

Beyond building wealth for their life, many people want to leave a legacy to their family and heirs. Critical to achieving this is an estate plan. An efficient estate plan not only incorporates tax reduction strategies to save on probate fees but also aims to ensure that your assets transfer to your desired beneficiaries. We help you create a detailed inventory of your assets and who will receive what and when. We also work as a team with your estate planning attorney and accountants to help coordinate all of your planning needs.  If you don’t currently have an estate planning attorney, we can refer you to a qualified professional that we have worked with.

College Planning
Many parents and grandparents want to plan for future college funding while still saving for their retirement. We seek to strike a balance between the immediate need for college planning and future retirement goals. We can help clients determine appropriate educational plans, such as a 529 plan, that allow them to save while also planning for retirement.
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